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Nova Scotia Wildlife Carvers and Artists Association Vendors Table

Recently when we were taking photos for our Alderney Landing Farmers Market Market Info Page we met John Robidoux, who told us the wonderful story you’ll read about below. I asked John to send me a piece describing the Nova Scotia Wildlife Carvers and Artists Association Vendors Table at the Alderney Landing Market. Below is what He wrote, and you can see John, and the Table, at the Alderney Landing Farmers Market Market and I’m sure you’ll be glad you did! …

In June 2011 ten members of the Nova Scotia Wildlife Carvers and Artists Association started a very ambitious project. In January of 2011, Bob Matheson, an avid contributor to the NSWC&AA passed away. Initially, the NSWC&AA decided to carve a plaque with his name on it. The club always wanted to do something for the market so we took the opportunity to propose “supeing up” a vendors table in order for schools to raise money for school trips, sport teams, charitable causes etc. by selling raffle tickets and bake sales and such.

Bob was the owner of East Coast Specialty Hardwoods in Dartmouth. His daughter Sarah Matheson is now president and when we approached her with the idea she was all for it. Initially the project was planned with pine or spruce. Sarah let us loose in the warehouse with carte blanche and all of a sudden we had the whole warehouse to choose from.

The table is made of a one piece solid slab 2 inch thick South American Mahogoney top and 4 inch thick basswood canopy. Six panels make up the canopy top and that is fit between two carved and painted ends. The panels depict hawks, eagles, falcons, Bobs two Labrador retrievers , the carvers club logo and the acknowledgements.

I cut out the canopy pieces with help from Mill-Right Woodworking inc. and handed them out to members before our summer break in June. When we returned in Sept. the first two pieces returned and the rest trickled in with the last piece arriving in Feb. When I handed the pieces out to the carvers I said it was entirely up to them what goes on the piece. The carvers painted their own work and the table looks marvelous.

To say this table is one of a kind is an understatement. We have beavers, deer, geese, ducks, dolphins, starfish, whale tails, marlin, mahi mahi, seahorses, cardinals, loons, eagles, hawks and much more.

Completed in Febuary 2012 this table can be seen 7 days a week at Alderney Landing at the Dartmouth waterfront. The club meets every Thursday at the Museum of Natural History in Halifax between 7 and 9 pm. Carving courses will be offered at the Dartmouth Farmers Market at Alderney Landing on Saturdays between 1000 and 1200 noon beginning the last Saturday in Sept. The club will hold the provincial competition in the spring of 2013.

For more information, see John Robidoux at the the Alderney Landing Farmers Market Market or contact Him at 902-435-3078.

We want to thank John for this article, and we also want to thank the Nova Scotia Wildlife Carvers and Artists Association for the work they did in building the Vendors Table so schools can raise money for school trips, sport teams, charitable causes etc. by selling raffle tickets and bake sales and such.

Nova Scotia’s Largest Outdoor Market

According to ourvalley.ca the Annapolis Royal Farmers and Traders Market is the largest outdoor market in Nova Scotia.

From Fresh Produce and Locally Roasted Coffee, to Fine Art and Hand Made Crafts, the Annapolis Farmers & Traders Market is the place to be! As if this wasn’t enough the Market is topped off with Musical Entertainment!

After visiting the Market, spend some time in, and around, Annapolis Royal. Local Businesses provide a welcome change of pace from most Towns! Unique Shops, wonderful Cafes and Bistros, and local activities of historic proportions suitable for all sorts of family fun.

For more information on The Annapolis Royal Farmers & Traders Market be sure to see the Info and Photos on our Market Info Page

“See you at the Market!”

Two Nova Scotia Markets To Explore Today

Two Nova Scotia Markets To Explore Today!

One is over the Mountain, as they say, held at the Community Hall in Hampton, Nova Scotia on the beautiful Mina’s Basin. For more information Visit Nova Scotia Market Tours Market Info Page for the Hampton Community Hall Market

The other is the Middleton Farmers Market, which is held in the beautiful green space across from Town Hall in Middleton. For more information visit our Market Info Page for the Middleton Farmers Market

My suggestion,or what I like to do is plan to be in Hampton by about 11am and that gives me time to explore the Hampton Market and the Hampton area, including the Hampton Lighthouse and then still have time to head over to the Middleton Farmers Market.

“See you at the Market”

Two Thursday Markets In The Annapolis Valley

Thursdays there are two Nova Scotia Markets in the Annapolis Valley, one in Greenwood, Nova Scotia, and the other in Nova Scotia’s Apple Capital, Berwick, Nova Scotia.

The Greenwood Farmers Market, or formally The Greenwood Mall Farmers Market, is located in the Greenwood Mall. For details on this Market, and to view our Photos, Click Here for the Market Info Page

The other Market, located in Berwick, Is the Berwick Farmers’ Market, which is held outdoor in the Town Hall Park, in the Green Space, and Special entertainment for children with Kindermusik, and a time for Moms! So Visit our Market Info Page for the Berwick Farmers Market

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Three Markets Open Today

Thought I do a quick Post to remind everyone that there are at least three Wednesday Markets happening today!

Which means today would be a great day to spend on Nova Scotia Market Tours!

The three Markets, open today, that we have Market Info Pages for are:

The Annapolis Royal Farmers & Traders Market

The Kentville Farmers Market

Wolfville Farmers Market

Have fun, let them know we sent You, and be sure to say hello if You see us there…
“Meet me at the Market”