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Thanks for visiting our Advertising Page, in order to help us continue our photographing and promoting Nova Scotia Markets we needed to make this a self supporting activity and when we saw the overwhelming response, a reach of nearly 1,000 within our first couple of weeks, it became evident that this could also be a great, low cost advertising alternative for Nova Scotia businesses!

So, we’re beginning by providing Banner Ads on our Side Menu for just $50/Yr.

All You have to do is decide which Market Page You’d like Your Ad on, and We’ll provide You a basic Banner, approximately 200 x 200, with Your Company Name, Address, and Contact info.

Or, If You already have a 200 x 200 Banner, or similar, We can use that, and either way, if You have a Website We’ll link Your Banner to Your Website.

If You wish, You may choose to place Your Banner on more than one page, if so You simply let us know which Market Info Pages You’d like Your Banner displayed on and we’ll charge You $50 per Page where Your Banner is displayed.

Here’s a look at our Facebook Stats after just one week of Stats for our Facebook Page!


As interest continues to increase, We’ll draw more and more people to our Website, Facebook Page, and Photo Albums, and increase awareness for Nova Scotia Markets and those who advertise here on our Site!

So, have a look at our Market Info Pages here on and choose which Page, or Pages, You’d like to display Your Banner on. Then either use the Pay Pal, or contact us with Your questions, or for other payment options. Please be sure to contact us to let us know which Market Info Page, or Pages, you want your Banner placed on.

Pay Now with

You may contact Brian Hurlburt, Site Owner, at 877-484-2857, or email

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