Is Being Very Well Received is being very well received.

When I began promoting Nova Scotia Markets it was going to be a simple, fun, recreational activity and I originally planned to cover just the Annapolis Royal, Bear River, and Digby Markets. Yet, once at those Markets the Vendors and Market Organizers started to ask if We’d been to Belliveau’s Cove, Bridgetown, Hampton, and so on! So, I continued to go further and take more photos, create more albums, and within a couple of weeks we we had a reach of about 1,000 on Face Book and I decided to create the Web Site and then I wondered if people would come from Face Book to the Web Site, very quickly we had 20 or so people showing up on the Web Site everyday! Now hundreds have been to our Web Site and it’s only been a few weeks!

So, with this so obviously being a hit with the Market Vendors, and those attending Nova Scotia Markets, it became kobvious that I was going to have to find a way to keep going! To support going to more Markets, taking more Photos, creating more Photo Albums, and I decided to try selling Banner Ads to local Businesses. I wanted to keep it affordable, simple, and fun, and so I began in Annapolis Royal, where I reside,& and very quickly it became evident that local businesses support Nova Scotia Markets and the work I’ve begun! In fact even the Vendors themselves began to show interest in the Banner Ads.
So, now it’s my hope that when People come to the Market, they’ll also take time to stop by and support local Businesses and our Advertisers. As this will all work together to help us support Nova Scotia Markets and Local Businesses! This makes it simple, and fun, and I’m encouraged to continue!
I’d love to have more of your feedback, comments, and suggestions, and It’s now my plan to continue this work and cover as many Nova Scotia Markets as possible. if you are a Market Organizer, or a Vendor, please let us know about your Market. Or if You’d like to have a Banner Ad on our Site, please contact me, Brian Hurlburt at 902-532-5955 or Toll Free at 877-484-2857, or by emailing
Please remember to support both Nova Scotia Market Vendors and Nova Scotia Business Owners!

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